About WES

Women In Engineering Summit (WES)

The idea for hosting the Women in Engineering Summit was born in 2016 when founder Claudia Gomez-Villeneuve, a pipeline engineer at the time, saw the challenges and the rewards for a woman engineer to stay in the profession. Then she learned of the 30 by 30 Initiative by Engineers Canada and saw the opportunity to create a space where experiences and practical solutions for staying in the profession from graduation until retirement could be shared. The 30 by 30 Initiative will help Canada achieve the key developmental target of having 30 percent of newly licensed engineers in Canada to identify as women.


Women represent a third of the Licensed Engineering population in Alberta, and are valued, respected and recognized for their contributions to the field. They remain in the profession until retirement, often becoming mentors and role models for young engineers.


Women in Engineering Summit is a non-profit group that aims to encourage women in engineering to pursue their professional registration. The goal will be achieved through addressing the most pressing issues facing women in engineering during every year summit, and early engaging students 7 to 16 years old in engineering topics.

Our core values.


WES believes in transparency at all levels in the organization. We strive to help others in their career paths, by being vulnerable and sharing the experiences and strategies that have helped us stay in the profession. We will not make flashy statements or pretend our paths have been harder or easier than they really are. And when providing advice, we speak our truth.


Our strength comes from our different backgrounds. When you look at our volunteers you will see different colors, thoughts, religions, ages. What we are as an organization is the model we would like to see in the profession: an inclusive one that embraces who and what is different.


Mentors and coaches have guided us in our career paths and have provided opportunities for growth. We believe it is our responsibility to pay it forward, by creating those opportunities for people to grow and have a support network. We foster leadership by involving junior and senior engineers in the planning and delivery of the annual summits.


The diversity in thoughts that we embrace is a perfect environment for argument and discussion; things sometimes don't turn out the way we planned them. When the going gets tough we rely on a positive attitude to keep us moving in the right direction.


Professional Licensing

01 As a minimum 30% of the attendees will be engineering students (internationally educated professionals seeking licensing in Canada, or Canadian students). To that effect we offer a discounted registration fee for students and seek the support of individuals and companies to sponsor students’ registrations.

Actionable Solutions

02 Tailoring the summits to address the most pressing issues facing women in engineering.

Event Satisfaction

03 Evaluating the feedback from attendees, to ensure the topics, presenters, strategies, all contribute to enabling participants to have a fulfilling long lasting career.

Early Engagement

04 Hosting yearly Girls in Engineering Summits targeted to kids, to encourage them to consider a career in engineering.