Slide Home Andrea (Latos) Suffern, P.Eng., ARWP, SAS Session Title: Busting the Many Myths about Becoming an Entrepreneur After owning 4 businesses and having 15 years of experience being her own boss, while also working full time as an employee, Andrea has learned many lessons about what entrepreneurship is / is not, and what it takes to do it well. Sadly, entrepreneurship is rarely taught in the school system so in this session, attendees will: (1) Learn that for entrepreneurship you don’t “need a lot of capital to start”; (2) Learn that for entrepreneurship you don’t “have to quit your job”; and finally (3) Learn the biggest myth about entrepreneurship, that: “it will be easy.” The purpose of this session is to help attendees prepare for their journey as an entrepreneur, while also keeping your regular job, as we navigate the new Covid-19 economy.