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1. Recognize what courage is, and is not.
2. Improve their ability to portray courage
3. Understand why we need courage for tackling challenges
The session will include examples and suggested words to use when being courageous at work when facing discrimination or microaggressions.
Laura Kennett, P.Eng., M.Eng. Session Title: Cowardice – Courage – Cockiness: A Slippery Spectrum for All Genders “You’re too shy. She’s too bullish. They lack confidence. He’s domineering.” We hear these labels applied liberally to people or to ourselves. Of course, these labels are important to notice because they indicate an overall lack of courage. It is tricky to find a balance but if we are to become wise leaders who can skillfully carry controversial conversations with coworkers, we must first master courage. In this session attendees will: