Engineers Canada Initiative inspires the Women in Engineering Summit

30by30 Engineers Canada
Photo source: Engineers Canada

“Given barriers to entry and retention, implicit bias, workplace cultures that are not inclusive and other challenges, there is significant work to be done. Collaboration is key. Engineers Canada can’t make change alone. Women can’t make change alone. None of us can journey alone to 30 by 30.

Jeanette Southwood, Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, Engineers Canada.

Engineers Canada 30 by 30 goal is the very main reason of The Women in Engineering Summit existence. Engineers Canada leads the way when advocating for a more welcoming and inclusive environment for women at the workplace [1] and proposes action strategies for recruitment, retention, professional development [2].

During 2021 and 2022, the 30 by 30 conference provided a space for dialogue with 30 by 30 champions and leaders within the engineering profession, with some of the topics to be continued during our online summit on June 17 (tickets here).

To warm up to our summit, we actively recommend you to watch the recordings of these 30 by 30 conferences, and come prepared to make the most of our online event:

2021 Engineers Canada 30 by 30 conference.


Engineers Canada, the Women in Engineering Summit appreciates your support since our origin!


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