Online Program Women In Engineering Summit

Friday, June 17, 2022

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

08:00 am

Moderator and Breakout Groups

09:00 am

Erin Austen

Welcome Erin Austen – WES 2022 Chair


Lara Murphy

Keynote Speaker Lara Murphy – Co-Founder Ryan Murphy Construction Ltd

10:00 AM Education Session #1

Alvin Pilobello

Alvin Pilobello – Impact of Male Champions and Sponsors on Advancing Women’s Careers

Calle Lissina width=

Calle Lissina – Reversing the Bias Blocking Women from Technical and Leadership Roles

11:00 AM Education Session #2

Martha Vega-Smith & Andrea Marciales – Applying for a P.Eng. as an ITP (Internationally-Trained Professional)

Samantha Daly

Samantha Daly – Maximizing the Network of Women Supporting Women for 30 by 30

12:00 PM Lunch Break

No Education Sessions, just a Break

12:30 PM Lunch Networking Event

Meet Potential Employers and/or Colleagues

1:00 PM Education Session 3

Jason Vanderzwaag – Growing a Male Allyship Program within Your Engineering Workplace

Kinia (Adamczyk) Romanowska

Kinia (Adamczyk) Romanowska – Coordinating Dual Engineering Careers Toward Family Management

2:00 PM Education Session 4

Erin Thorp

Erin Thorp – Restoring a Work Culture Labelled "Toxic" Helps Everyone


Claudia-Gomez-Villeneuve – How the Canada Employment Equity Act Enhances the 30 by 30 Initiative

3:00 PM

Erin Austen

Erin Austen Panel Moderator

Svetlana Yanushkevich

Svetlana Yanushkevich
Associate Dean of Diversity
University of Calgary

Sandy Birrell

Sandy Birrell
Engineers Yukon
30 by 30 Champion

Ari Copeland

Steve McMahon
Alberta Innovates



4:00 PM

Ingrid Pederson

Ingrid Pederson Panel Moderator

Rejeanne Aimey

Réjeanne Aimey Black Engineers
of Canada

Deanna Burgart

Deanna Burgart

Ari Copeland

Ari Copeland Queer and Transgender
Man in Construction

Mairim Neves

Mairim Neves Mujeres Omega

5:00 PM

Closing Event and Dinner Networking Event